Change The Tires On Your Car

Change The Tires On Your Car

About the Tires.

Tires are the only parts of the car that have constant contact with the ground, so they are responsible for the dynamic behavior of the vehicle, that is, the movement of the car on the ground.

About Change the Tires on your Car.

Tire change is a basic maintenance that every vehicle owner should know, as dealing with a deflated tire is a very common problem that can occur at any time, when traveling on the road, when they are going to work or on a family trip.

Flat Tire

But don't worry, changing a tire is extremely simple, fast and you don't need many tools and spare parts. So if you get a tire at the worst possible time, you'll be ready to change the tires on your car.

Tools Required:

  • Jack
  • Nut wrench
  • Gloves

Materials Required:

Tire Spare

Steps to Change the Tire of the Car:

  1. Preparation: Try to find a safe place to park, or get on the side of the road so as not to obstruct the passage and avoid an accident. Turn on the emergency lights, apart from placing the warning triangle at a safe distance, so you can tell others about your accident. Also refer to the owner's manual to find out where to fit the jack and other information necessary for the tire change. Remember to apply the handbrake.
  2. Remove the jack, key and spare tire: Always have a jack, lug wrench and spare tire in hand, you can keep them in the luggage compartment. Place chocks behind the wheels for safety.
  3. Loosen the wheel nuts: First check if your vehicle has wheel covers, if so, pry them with the wrench. Then, with the same tool, start to loosen each nut counterclockwise, but just loosen them until they are loose enough to pull them out with your hand.
  4. Lift the vehicle with the jack: as mentioned above, consult with the owner's manual the exact place to use the jack. Now, with the jack positioned correctly, start raising the vehicle so that the deflated tire is 10 to 15 centimeters from the ground.
  5. Remove the tire: finish removing the nuts and attach them in a safe place. Removed the nuts, the following is as simple as pulling the tire towards you to remove it.
  6. Time to put on the new tire: The decisive point of changing the tires on your car comes. Slide the tire so that it aligns with the slots in the nuts. Refit the nuts and tighten them by hand.
  7. Start lowering your vehicle and tightening the nuts: start lowering the jack so that the tire starts touching the ground. Then, with the nut wrench, tighten the nuts completely.
  8. Get the car down and check: completely lower the car to the ground and remove the cat. Check if the nuts are tightly adjusted.


Latest Recommendations.

You can check the tire pressure using a pressure gauge to check that the tire is properly inflated. It is advisable to do it at a service station, so drive carefully.

Finally, take the old tire to a workshop to see if it can be repaired. If not, purchase another spare tire immediately. Never drive without this.

With these tips you are ready to change the tires of your car at any time, without suffering much the consequences of a deflated tire.

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