Changing Fuel Filter In Car


Changing Fuel Filter In Car

About Fuel Filter.

The fuel filter is a filtering system that is responsible for retaining and filtering any residue or contaminant that may be in the fuel and that can generate serious problems not only to the fuel system, but to the entire vehicle. It protects the injection and fuel system against dust, rust or moisture particles that are present in today's fuels.

About Changing Fuel Filter in Car.

The fuel that is surta in the gas stations IS NOT FREE OF IMPURITIES. A contaminated fuel can cause serious problems to the engine.

This is why a fuel filter in good condition guarantees a good operation to the engine and to the whole vehicle in general. If you have problems during vehicle startup, have significantly increased the fuel consumption of the car or feel that there is a significant loss in engine power, this is most likely due to the fuel filter being clogged.

Every 60,000 kilometers or 37,000 miles you must change the fuel filter in a car, although if this filter is integrated into the gasoline pump, it is supposed to be for life. Below it will be explained how to perform this maintenance to the gasoline filters, since the diesel ones become more complicated and it is recommended to go to a professional in this case. It should be noted that this change is simple and cheap.

Fuel Filter

Tools Required:

  • Gloves.
  • Eye protector.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Liquid storage tray.

Materials Required:

Fuel filter (gasoline).

Steps for Changing Fuel Filter in Car.

Part 1:

  1. Turn off the fuel pump: for this maintenance you must first relieve the pressure of the fuel system. The first step is to remove the fuse that protects the fuel pump. This step-by-step guide explains how to do this procedure.
  2. Secure the vehicle: The idea of this is for the engine to spend the fuel remaining in the starting line without being supplied from the tank and to do this you will need to start the engine. Therefore, place the car in PARK or in NEUTRAL to prevent it from moving.
  3. Turn on the engine: start the engine as you normally would. It should ignite without any problem, only now the fuel from the petrol lines will be consumed. You don't need to wait for the engine to shut down for lack of gas, just leaving it on for two minutes will be enough to relieve the pressure. If the engine does not start, there may already be no pressure on the lines.

(Put back the fuse of the gasoline pump)

Part 2:

  1. Disconnect the battery terminal: It is recommended to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery to prevent the motor from going on while working. This guide explains how to perform this step. You should keep in mind that the engine must be cold to continue with this maintenance.
  2. Find the fuel filter: Check the owner's manual to locate the site where the fuel filter is located. The two most common places where it is under the vehicle, on the fuel line, and the other place is in the engine, near the line leading to the fuel inlet.
  3. Freezing the vehicle: Use a jack to lift the car in case the fuel filter is on the fuel line. Put the cat at the points designated by the owner's manual.
  4. Remove the fuel filter: Before removing the filter, you need to do three things first. Place a tray under the gas filter to prevent gasoline from spilling on the floor. The other thing is that to remove the fuel filter you must remove some clips that retain it, although normally these break when removed, so it is recommended to buy spare parts clips. Finally, you need to slide the gasoline lines out to get them out of the fuel filter nozzles.
  5. Now remove the fuel filter: there is no longer anything that holds the fuel filter, so you can proceed to remove it from its support.

Replace Fuel Filter

Part 3:

Install the new fuel filter: Make sure the new fuel filter is similar to the old one. Now slide the new filter into the holder; if you have to force it, it's because it's not the right diameter. Put the gas lines and clips back on.

Latest Recommendations.

Start the vehicle to check for fuel leaks. Do not remove the tray under the vehicle for when you do this check. It is advisable to change the fuel filter in a car with the tank at 1/4. 

Cleaning a clogged filter is not recommended. It will not save any money and you will lose time, it is best to change the filter directly.


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