How do I keep my battery in good condition?


How do I keep my battery in good condition?

The battery sends power to the starter and at the same time receives electricity generated from the alternator to maintain power. It's for this reason that your car's battery is one of the most critical components, and surprisingly it's easy to maintain.

Batteries have on average a lifespan between 3 and 5 years, with the weather being the most affecting factor in battery life. However, there are other factors that cause your battery to desgate, factors that can be prevented or managed to extend battery life.

Here are these factors and tips for conserving your car's battery that you can apply like a pro:

Keep the car battery life

Don't take short trips often:

As mentioned at the beginning, the battery depends on the alternator to maintain power. To do this, the alternator needs time to charge the battery. That is, if you are going to eat a place that is two or three blocks from your home and you don't use the car for anything else, just drive less than half an hour, the alternator won't have enough time to charge the battery, which causes the battery voltage to decrease, and if you do this repeatedly, the accumulation of all this will end in that it no longer you can start the vehicle.

To fix this, avoid precisely this type of travel using the car. Drive only when it's trips longer than 30 minutes, so it'll give the alternator time to recharge the battery.

Minimize Energy Consumption:

If the battery is discharged with the parked vehicle, imagine listening to the radio or charging the phone with the engine turned off, you'll be further discharged from the battery when using it!

If you have installed audio equipment or other electrical accessory without the cables and connections being isolated, regardless of whether the engine is powered on or not, small discharges will occur that will reduce battery life.

The advice for this is simple. Simply install electrical equipment in the cart, and if you do, verify that the cables and connections are perfectly asysed. Also avoid using headlights, radio, air conditioning or any sound equipment while the car engine is turned off.

You should be minded that if you install many electronic equipment, you should consider buying a new battery that fits your new needs.

Beware of temperature:

A very cold climate causes a battery to go over-work, as low temperatures deplete the starting power, being cold engine with thick oil. A very hot climate causes the evaporation of water from the battery cells to increase.

So, if you go from a very hot summer to a very cold winter, the chances of the battery getting damaged increase dramatically. To avoid this you need to park the vehicle in shadow whenever you can. When it's winter and your vehicle is in your garage, invest in a vehicle deck as they help keep the vehicle in optimal temperatures.

Hold your battery well:

That your vibrate battery is the same as saying that your battery life is being reduced. Vibration can cause internal damage and short circuits within the battery.

So if you want to keep the battery of your car, make sure all that well-attached. Use a clamp suitable for your battery to be firm at all times, but not much, because tightening the clamp too much causes your battery to be damaged, so it's not too rough.

Car Battery Life

Latest recommendations:

It is also recommended from time to time to check the voltage of your battery. A good voltage is the one that is around 12.7 volts. Another thing you need to do is clean the battery terminals, which we explain how to do it here.

We hope that these tips for conserving your car's battery have helped you extend battery life.


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